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03-14-2013, 09:43 AM
uh forgot my theread already.

Been playign alot more since and...

Ground combat has no combat feel - there is too much "smart" bulleting and autotarget - you cant move away from the bullet trajectory etc.

Dodgign sucks - the doubletapping needs you to stop moving + its glitchy slow and generally useless.

Shooting is boring - there is no real effect and feel of shooting (just play some shooter that has energy weapons - like ut3 for example and beam rifle). The energy effect quite often comes out from wrong spot and moves to wrong direction.
Or u hold machiengun in one hand and shoot from ur chest (ironman? Oo).

Or couch without anything to cover you and take way less damage magically.

Zooming and aiming has little to no use - even when shields are down (i do get that aiming for head with shields would be negated by shields anyways).

It has nothig nto do with the hp or shields.
Its all the animations, autotargeting, bad shootign effects and sounds.

Every weapon feels weak (xept the sniper rifles alt and the plasma cannons alt feel as if there is something happening).

How about aiming without the huge crosshair....

Even character animations are outdated together with the weapon etc models. Blocky, low rez and low short animations.

Perhaps its time to invest some time int oupdatign these instead of just another ground zone that is not as big of a success as you thought (only a fraction of population plays them for anythign but daily missions).