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Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
Having the freebe Ody on all of my Fed toons, I wouldn't buy the again if I could do it all over. The freebo Ody was more than good enough for me. I bought the pack to have the extra console slot and to try out the special universal consoles. Neither of them were worth it, including the fugly bridges that come with the pack.
The C-Store Odyssey (singles or the 3-Pack) come with one unique new Bridge; and it's (IMO) probably the best Bridge done for the game to date. As for the OPs question, yep - even though I had the free Ody on all my characters (deleted once I picked up the Ody 3-Pack); I would by the 3-pack again, and still use the Tac Ody on my main Engineer character.
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