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03-14-2013, 11:00 AM
DEM is pointless as a damage ability unless you're using rapid-fire cannons since the (small) bonus is added to every HIT. Rapid fire makes more hits. DEM is also pretty much crap for PVE with its crazy long cooldown and relatively low impact. Yet another case of PVP nonsense getting in the way of proper PVE balancing.

And the reasons why the situation with ensign engineering isn't the same as ensign tactical are:
1.) tactical has 3 "ability groups" that don't step on eachother's cooldowns. Engineering has 2.
2.) tactical has an *essential* ensign level ability that performs its full function at ensign level. Engineering's ensign abilities are all better noticeably better at higher levels.
3.) tactical's bread and butter skills, ye olde Cannon abilities and attack patterns, only start at LT level and cannot conflict with ensign abilities. Engineer's bread and butter, ye olde emergency power abilities, share the same cooldowns with ensign abilities.