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03-14-2013, 12:13 PM
the biggest issue is the dil sink with a starbase. If you really look at it, it's not so bad. What makes it hard is that for some reason fleet leaders feel the need to start projects that are absolutely pointless as far as progression. Think of some of those special projects that you might sometimes see in a fleet like confiscation of contraband or trading trip to the gamma quadrant. It states in the description they are useful for making sure people can get fleet credits, but other than that they are a complete waste.

There are also the limited time projects where you can get something like tribbles on the floor, exocomps flying around, or even the window opened to your starbase. Each of those cost 200k dil. In my opinion, those are a complete waste of resources. 200k dil is not easy to come by for a lot of people. Yet, some fleet still insist on doing those pointless projects just so they can make a starbase look pretty. Aesthetics mean nothing without functionality.

Instead of blowing your donations on those pointless projects, stick with the ones ones that earn the most starbase experience. If you need to replenish provisions, if it's available, use the project that asks for a combination of dilithium and other items instead of just 200k dil. They normally give the exact same benefit, you just pay for it differently.
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