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03-14-2013, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
For PvE, I don't see the point of Jam/Scramble Sensors. Particularly as you'll generally be firing upon said target anyway, which tends to break the scramble.

I'd say go with the drain build, I had a lot of fun with that. Maybe not with Tachyon Beam, btw, as that's generally unimpressive.
Why no to Tachyon Beam, out of curiousity? Seems like it would be nice to have when energy siphon is on a cooldown, and my science ship seems nimble enough to not have to worry about the smaller arc. I use it on my escort and I notice the shield drain, even if that ship has less of an aux focus. Seems like it would get even better with a sci ship and a lot of aux power.

Charged Particle Burst has that "within 5 km" sphere to worry about, and won't pair well with Gravity Well and Gravity Repulsors, which is what I currently have going (besides HE and Polarize Hull). When I can afford to have more BOFF spots, I may go for more build variations to go along with this drain build.

But please let me know what I'm missing about Tachyon Beam or a better option for dropping shields fast as a sci capt.

I'm mostly looking at PVE, by the way. I can definitely see Jam and Scramble Sensors as being useful in PvE, and may try to keep a console/BOff layout that allows for those as well when I do PvP.