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Originally Posted by cyberglum11 View Post
I dont mean to nit-pick but one could easily debate that the KDF designs came first, and they based the Fed versions off of Korath/Krenn ones..?
That's not an unfair line of thought, though I'd argue if the KDF designs came first, then the more offensively-oriented, cannon wielding Temporal Destroyer would be the default ship (the one that came out of the lockbox), and the Temporal Science Vessel would be the deviation (the one that was posted in the Lobi store).
However, as far as I can tell, the Wells-class and the Aeon-type (the Federation time-ship and time-shuttle) are actually derrived from Star Trek cannon. I can find no indication of the Krenn or Korath having existed anywhere outside of Star Trek Online.

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Considering at launch the Klingons were using Federation Transporter Effects and are still using Federation Tricorders, even on New Romulus Klingons are using Federation Medical equipment
...there is overwhelming evidence stuff is copied in one direction only.
Well, to play nit-picking devil's advocate here, the Federation does get some KDF stuff. The Defiant retrofit and the Galaxy Dreadnought both have KDF-style cloaking devices (though both ships demonstrated that capability in their respective shows, so take that as you will), and the last two lockboxes have featured cross-factional consoles. I'd rather not get into a Nadion Pulse vs. Bio-Neural Warhead argument in this thread, mind you, but my point is that the copying does cut the other way from time to time. And that's not necessarily a problem, if it's done sparingly.
I wish to re-emphasise those last words, though: if it's done sparingly.
And therein lies the problem. At least, part of it.

(As for the tricorders and medical probe: come on, man-- Conservation of Props is practically a fundamental law of the Star Trek universe! )