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03-14-2013, 01:12 PM
For survivability? Hmm, depends on your build and what you use the most.

let's see. hmm

Damage Conn: Chance to reduce the time for all Emergency Power to subsystem abilities to recharge after use. 35% chance: Recharge time reduced by 30%
Best Way to Get: Reach level 4 Eng through the Commendation doff missions.
Quickest way: Purchase for 2-3.5M on exchange.

Hazard System Officer: Damage resistance buff when Ramming Speed or Brace for Impact are used. +25 For the purples.
Best Way to Get: purchase for 2-4.5M on exchange

Shield Distribution Officer: Chance to partially regenerate your shields while taking damage after Brace for Impact is used.50% chance: +0.68 Shield Regeneration every 1 sec for 15 sec or 50% chance: +1.8 Shield Regeneration.
Best way to get: Do the Rolar Nebula Colonization in Beta sector (DS9s location)
Quickest way: Spend 4-5M On the exchange.

Technician: Recharge time for all bridge officer abilities to recharge when Auxiliary to Emergency Battery issued. Bridge Officer power recharges reduced by 10%
Best Way to Get: Do the Btram Nebula colonization chain.
Quickest way: Pay 2-3M For one on the Exchange.

Warp Core Engineer: Chance of temporarily improving your ship's Weapons, Shields, Engines and Auxiliary power on use of any Emergency Power ability. 20% Chance: Power levels +25
Best Way to Get one: Purchase it for 3-4M on the exchange.

I hope that helps you when it comes to your defensive problems