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03-14-2013, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by causalityeffect View Post
Just opened 20,000 Zen worth of Fleet packs - No Attack Ship

This was the one and only time I would spend such money. I will not be doing so again when Cryptic have stacked the odds heavily against the player.

Cryptic have used this situation to flip off the players who own the Dreadnaught and wanted to be able to use the Attack Ship pets. Owning the Attack ship will allow access to a whole range of fighters including a fleet version.

Oh but wait... this fleet support pack gives you a chance at owning an Attack Ship and sets you on the path to getting the lobi to buy a Dreadnaught. Of course, once you have the Dreadnaught your back to square one with the lottery to get the attack ship.

Really classy move by Cryptic.
Buy keys, sell keys on exchange for EC, buy attack ship with EC.