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Originally Posted by auricius
At this point I'd say there's absolutely no point in starting a fleet on your own, unless you wanted to transfer equipment between your characters. Even if you team up with a couple of friends (max. 5) you're still better off joining a small-to-mid sized fleet, where you actually get to contribute and requisition equipment and ships in turn. If you just want to goof off with friends, not caring about the starbase system, sure do it and have fun, but if you actually want to start building your own base either on your own or with some friends, be prepared, that it's highly unlikely, that anyone else will join your endeavours.
So sad but true. Our fleet recruitment rate is like 1 person every 2 months or so, even then it's because they're either real life acquaintances or family members. It's a very depressing sto reality that no one wants to join small fleets who wants recruits to contribute to projects, even though we're steadily progressing. Oh well.


Seconded. Our fleet has given up on limited time special projects, they're a huge waste of resources when we still need dilithium to progress to higher tier since they unlock the most coveted of fleet ships. We started a few before we found out all of them have extremely expensive requirements, but now they're just sitting there collecting dust lol lol. Even people who were fond of the idea of tribbles making trouble on the starbase or a silent (but very talkative) Morn quickly dismissed the idea of paying 200k dil just for the esthetics. Building up mail, shipyard, bank , fleet stores and of course provisions are main priority.

There certainly are benefits to a joining mid to large sized fleet. They have their own annoying issues but they are definitely dwarfed by the benefits you gain (if the fleet leader is good at managing fleet assets).
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