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03-14-2013, 03:53 PM
Here is my sci toons Intrepid:
As you can see I run the Jem'Hadar set for that little extra DPS it gives + the deflector boosts most sci skills.

For doffs I have:
1x very rare Projectile Weapons Officer
1x rare Warp Core Eng
2x very rare Deflector Officer
1x rare Deflector Officer

My general strategy for PvE is to fly towards a group of enemies and pick out the strongest, fire ES1, VM1, SubNuc. When done approach enemies till you hit the 4km, then activate the AntiProton Sweep, GW3, Evasive Maneuvers 3, Vent Theta Radiation and fly straight through the packed group. Next activate TT1, BFaW2 and broadside till the warp core explosions take over. Then it's just rinse and repeat

And I used to run 2DBB + torps + turrets, but it got boring fitting each ship with cannons + turrets.