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03-14-2013, 05:39 PM
Well, today in First City, we gave some directions to a newbie as to where specific vendors were. Another guy mentioned that we better get used to giving directions in May, and I didn't know what the deal was with that news (I've been gone 6-7 months due to work). He goes on telling me that May supposedly allows players to start Lv1 with the KDF.

That to me is good news, IMO, but I really wish this was possible in Day 1. Anyways, I do hope to see new blood. Sure, our performance may drop some in PVP with the influx of all teh newbs, but we'll take care of our own.

As a longtime, jaded KDF player, we've been in the rut for so long that I say, "Hey, it can't possibly get any worse, can it?"

As a longtime, jaded KDF player, any influx of wonder eyed new players to the faction is direly needed, IMO. Hey, they'll have a brighter outlook on things than I do, and that's nice!