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03-14-2013, 05:10 PM
this is my support retrofit (the free ambassador) i set it up to help out in pug STFs as much as possible with heals and crowed control


and rep system passives (only listing space)
romulan: precision, emergency secondary shielding, quantum singularity manipulation

omega: omega weapons training, superior shield repair

6 mk Xii advance fleet phases with dmgx3 and acc
1 MKxii advance fleet quantum torpedo rear with dmgx3 and acc
1 wide angle quantum front for broad side DPS

defector mk xi assimilated
engine mk xi assimilated subtranswarp
sheild mk xi maco

all of these where obtained before the rep system i am switching over to mk xii of the obove

eng 3 mk xi blue nuetronium 1 mkxi purple monotainium
sci 1 mk xi blue field gen 1 mk xi ultra rare emitter array with Huh and -th. reason for the -th i bought the wrong one but i still get aggro form every thing in most pug STFs any way this just allows me to get a way and heal or get a way and heal some one else so i am not so focused on just healing my own ship. it also has a proc that gives you some hull regen similar to the borg 2 piece. if you are not in a feet a feild emitter would work as well as it gives a bonus to your shield regen rate
tac 3 mkxi purple phaser relays

lt tac: TT1, APB1
ensign tac: BO1 could also use FAW i prefer focus fire DPS
Com Eng: EPTS1, EPT2, EPTS3, Aux2SIF3
LT eng: ET1, RSP2
lt. com sci: TSS1, HE2, grav well1 most team heal abilities with grav well. grav well can be used if some one pops a gen early i then can fly off and grav well the nanite probes giving them time to hopefully kill the transformer. also a lot of team heals to keep the others up or my self

devices sub space feild modulator big resist bonus good for when every one is shooting at you, with weapon, sheild, and aux bat. like to pop aux bat before healing or using grav wel


3 rare shield distribution doffs, i rare projectile weapons doff, and 1 rare warp core engineer

i am also using the exact same set up on my Dreadnought Cruiser but replace grav well with aceton beam

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