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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Whilst I'd say that I would probably buy the Odyssey pack again, I can say without any hesitation that I would buy the Vesta pack again.

I absolutely love the Vesta - can put my sci in it and have access to the usual Sci-tricks and aux-powered DPS that (whilst obviously no-where near escort-level) allows me to hold my own. And furthermore, it looks awesome too (in my opinion).
I wish I was as happy with my Vesta. I just can't make her out perform my Atrox, the ship I bought her to replace. The second rack of elite scorpions seals the deal every time. The Vesta is a sweet ship, don't get me wrong, but compared to my Atrox she may as well not leave port. To even begin to approach the damage my Atrox can I need to use the uni ltcom as a Tac, which lowers the amount of Sci I can bring to the table. On top of that my Atrox can take a beating without relying on a 3pc set to save my bacon. In all I'm more survivable, do more damage, Have more sci control, and have more free console slots. The only thing the Vesta gets in compensation is more maneuverability and more buttons to press. Perhaps if I lacked the skill to fly a large ship I would be more enamored with her.

I guess I spent $50 so I could Tour the Galaxy in style...

Edit: I also think the Vesta fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down... but oddly I really like the Aventine. Surprising what a couple little changes can do to the lines of a ship. It comes down the the nacel struts for me I think. I really, really do not like the Vesta ones, going out and wide. The Aventine feels like a Barracuda... I love to fly her I just wish I hadn't parsed the logs and seen my missing 1-2k DPS...
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