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03-14-2013, 07:37 PM
Cruisers are fine, beams are busted as all get out. I just got out of a private match with a friend who was running a beam cruiser, and I was in a Kumari. I took my shields off(!) when I was 10-0. I finished the match at 15-0... Beams are busted broken beat down dead. Niether of us PvP, and I am the higher skilled by far... but *NO* shields in a tac Kumari? I should have died 8 times over...

Sci Ody (Tac will do more DPS, but I fly my Ody when I don't want to stop at port to change ships, and the Sci ody is the better hybrid, IMO. Adjust to taste)

Tac Team 1, Scatter Volley 1
Torp spread 2, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Beam Overload 3
Ep2S1, Aux2batt1, Aux2bat2, Directed Energy Modulation 3
Transfer shield strength 1, hazard emitters 2

Expermental romulan beam, 2x plasma single cannons, romulan torpedo
KCB, 3xplasma turrets. For my plasma weapons I prefer Romulan Plasma [Acc]x2

Omega set. Optionally you can replace the shields with MACO.

3x Oddy consoles, assimilated module
zero point energy conduit, 3x romulan threat reducing consoles, flow capacitor, +plasma damage. Flowcap for your omega 2pc. In this build you aren't going to get DPS out of any other sci console.
2x plasma energy console

3xtechnician doffs (lowers cooldown on A2B)
2 free - I prefer torp doffs.

There really is no finesse to this build. Saucer sep for weapon power and maneuverability. Use the Aquarius if you die or need to be a bit more tanky so you don't want to sep. Bind all of your skills to the space bar save the science ones for healing yourself. The A2B will give you near constant uptime on everything. Use your rommie 3pc for burst. Do tons of damage and wonder why people crap on the Ody as you swap out all your gear to be an uber tank the next match and then as a pretty potent ghetto sci ship for the one after that...
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