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03-14-2013, 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
As a rule of thumb, weapon-type-specific consoles, be they for energy weapons (Phaser Relays, AP Mag Regs, etc.) or torpedoes (Ambiplasma Envelope, Transphasic Compressor, etc.) deliver a 50% greater damage bonus than the equivalent generic weapon-class consoles (Prefire Chamber et al.)

This makes generic Tac consoles all but worthless.
I don't know about that completely. You know there are two ways to play this game.

1. Is to have one very specific ship that is maxed out to do one thing.

2. To have one ship that is good for all situations.

I believe when this game was designed the point was to use one ship and switch out your Bridge Officers, consoles, and/or weapons to deal with each situation. That is not what we do today but if you wanted say plasma for Borg and anitptoton for Tholian and phasers for Klingons... then the cannon consoles would be a cheaper more generic way to go.

I admit that almost no one does this but that is more the point of the cannon or beam Tac consoles. This would also work if you did run a rainbow ship.... which some players still swear by. I don't support it but if you are mixing your energy types you might want a more generic boost.