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03-14-2013, 10:31 PM
pve as i've seen it may not apply to you

the good

tractor beam repulsors (breaks highyield targetable torps, mines and shoves basically anything in range 10km back)
transfer shield strength (you can self target or use it on an ally)
hazard emitters (who doesnt like a HoT)
polarize hull (and the point of your tractor beam was? with a side order of damage resistance)

the bad
gravity well (glorified space snare that barely holds anything, does less damage than a torpedo, and gets broken after every major patch)
tykens rift (why do you want to chance spawning more crap you have to kill)
jam sensors (great for breaking a tractor beam lock but limited use and damage capped)
scramble sensors (see jam sensors)
viral matrix (mostly harmless)
photonic shockwave (limited range, but can hit like a tricobolt)

the pointless
mask energy signature (poormans cloak with no bonus)
charged particle burst (doesnt do squat.... no serously doesn decloak pve ships and shield sap is worthless)
tachyon beam (narrow arc limited amount drained.)
energy siphon (-12 power to the enemy for 9sec... best i ever got)
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