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03-14-2013, 11:01 PM
This is my assault cruiser refit.

3x polarized disruptor cannon mk xi and wide angle quantum fore.
4x disruptor turret mk xi aft.

jem'dar resilient shields mk xi
aegis deflector
fleet advanced hyper engines mk xii [turn]x3 [spd]

2x neutronium mk xi, rcs mk xii common, tachyokinetic console
2x +threat flow capacitor console 1 plasma and 1 hull
3x disruptor induction coils mk xi rare

4 human boffs plus one alien

tac ensign : tac team
tac ltc: torp spread, cannon volley, ap omega
eng com: epw1, eng team2, auxtobat2, aux to sif
eng lt: eps1, auxtb1
sci lt: he1, tss2

3 tech doffs.
2 evasive doffs or 2 projectile doffs. Still testing.

It's a work in progress and used only in pve. still making changes to it. Thinking of changing aux to sif for dem.
I stay usually 1-3 km from target.

I have fun with it in ras and stfs. Haven't parsed it yet.