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I've returned to the game after about a year, since then I've upgraded my graphics card to a good discreet ATI Radeon HD7750. The performance of the card in the game is extremely good, only I seem to have the graphics driver crashing issue people with integrated Intel graphics have been having! Apparently, the game runs normally until the graphics drivers crash, causing the game to freeze and the screen to go black. The driver then restarts and the game continues, while the problem tends to repeat itself every 5 minutes.

I'm very frustrated about this. I can understand when it affects an integrated Intel gpu, but why does it happen with my discreet gpu? Currently i've found no workarounds, i've set the game to about the lowest graphics settings possible, still crashes. I even sent a customer support ticket but was unable to resolve the issue that way. (because of an error in customer support stating that the email i've used to reply does not match the email i've registered with my account!! And that just isn't true.)