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03-15-2013, 01:20 AM
Originally Posted by xtern1ty View Post
Thank you Sander. Unfortunately I was silenced for my tireless efforts in trying to find the right players in game and was unable to respond to your pm's. We will talk as soon as I'm able and perhaps we can find a way to communicate off game, perhaps start a Ventrillo or TS server, maybe X-fire like I used in RS.
Sorry about your struggles. Most people are sick to death of fleet recruitment spam in zone chat. (I know I am.)

A better way to recruit may be to watch zone chat for friendly voices (people trying help out newer players) and then contact them directly. It will take a while but that way you're only reaching out to people you actually want to reach.

I haven't logged on much myself this week (been travelling a lot) but you can reach me any time by PMing me in the forum. It will go straight to my email.

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