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A couple things I've noticed so far that was not in the patch notes.

#1 In the Hail Starfleet window under the 'Available' tab, the Crystalline Catastrophe mission has FINALLY been removed. According to the STO wiki this mission has been removed from the PVE queue and not doable at all since season 6 but the mission was still in the game. It's nice they finally removed this mission. When I first started playing I took this mission when it became available and it said to talk to the Crystalline Entity (near Memory Alpha usually). So I talked to it and the only option was to open the PVE queue and the event wasn't there. I found out on the wiki it was no longer an active event we could do. (This was back in October 2012)

Edit: I forgot this was available for both sides and my Hail KDF no longer has it in the 'Available' tab either.

#2 This one stinks. When doing Dilithium mining on the asteroid, after you have the ore extraction UI open to do the event the 'Mine Rocks' button was still there. If you got a score you didn't like you could move the window and click the button to start over and keep doing it until you got a score you like. (I just found about about this trick last week from a player at the asteroid when I was there to mine). Well I'm in the middle of doing the mining event and the 'Mine Rocks' button disappears once you start the extraction. If you click the 'X' on the window to close it you will automatically receive your dilithium and data samples. We can no longer keep trying until we get a score high enough to earn the maximum dil per node.

Personally I didn't see a problem with this. There is a max limit on the amount you could get per node and the amount of data samples/particle traces you receive is ENTIRELY random*. Though I could see how this was a bug and an "exploit". It stinks because sometimes the UI screws me over. After scoring once or twice it would reset and I would have to realign the triangle again and it would do this for the whole minute of the event for the node and I wouldn't be able to get the max score because it kept resetting every 2-3 stinking seconds. There have been times where this happened on 2-3 nodes in a row and I think at least a couple times on all 5 nodes.

*Despite what players may think, it IS random how many Data Samples and/or Particle Traces you receive from the Dilithium Mining event. A few days ago I scored 940 on a single node and receive 1 Data Sample and 1 Particle Trace. Sometimes I could score 659 and receive 3 or 4 Data Samples. You need to score 735 on a single node to earn the maximum amount of Dilithium. You don't get anything extra if you score over 735, in my experience.
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