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03-15-2013, 03:08 AM
Roland watchs as jacob gets some much needed rest. What he had feared he finds is true. When jacob the man who made him and relys on him for so much needs him the most roland cant fullfill his part. His hologram statics for a moment as he looks around. he has lived for 15 years he has been Jacobs constant ally, friend and supporter. 15 years of never stopping saving worlds over and over again. But now his program is fractured. He is entering a state of rampancy. He found he was right his rampant part affected the suit and thats why there was no pilot it was him. He decides against waking jacob. There is nothing even he can do now. Like all things everything has a time. He stands there for a moment looking at jacob. His normal yellow color hologram now has streakes of red. He knows he cant wait it has to be done now. If he could cry he would. For he knows what they are up against and now his friend for the first time in 15 years will be alone. He nows jacob has other ai but he also knows he doesnt see them the same. As his hologram begins to disapear he takes one last look around.

Roland: goodby jacob

And in a matter of seconds roland is gone.

Jacob wakes up a few hours later

Jacob: Roland any update on the sttus of the fleet and the planned attack.

No answer comes.

Jacob: Roland! whats going on

Jacob jumps out of the bed and looks at the terminal. It has a picture of a old earth F-22 fighter with the letter MIA on the screen. Jacob looks at the screen in horror and shock trying to realize what happened and why roland is gone.

OOC: remember this is going to affect him pretty big cause as i said they have been working together for 15 years so jacob was closer to roland then to most humans.