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03-15-2013, 02:22 AM
OK. So I took the daily Dil mining mission more than 20 hours ago and was able to do it twice.

So here is another thing I noticed: when doing it twice in a single day because you took it more than 20 hours ago, you can't mine the same exact rocks you mined the first time through. It's possible beaming to your ship and coming back fixes it. Haven't tried.

Normally I would claim the mission reward, take it again, then click the 'Mine Rocks' button without moving my character and use the same node twice in a row. Well the button didn't appear on the last node i used after accepting the mission again. I had to use another node within the circle on the map.

The node before that I used it was the same thing: I couldn't use it again and had to use a different node in that area. Thankfully there are more than plenty of nodes on the map.

Kinda reminds of Nukurua Prime easy mode mission on the outside where you click the objects on the ground (Scientific Sabotage mission I think. It's not the mission where you collect drops from the Tholians and turn them in when you get the required amount.). You can't use the same objects more than once, and at times the objects other players have used. Going back to your ship and beaming back down seemed to fix it. But it's been a long time since I went to Nukura so I don't know if that's still bugged.
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