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Cruisers are fine, beams are busted as all get out. I just got out of a private match with a friend who was running a beam cruiser, and I was in a Kumari. I took my shields off(!) when I was 10-0. I finished the match at 15-0... Beams are busted broken beat down dead. Niether of us PvP, and I am the higher skilled by far... but *NO* shields in a tac Kumari? I should have died 8 times over...
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The problem with beams is that they drain power almost constantly. More beams equals more drain, period. Beams are fine weapons if you don't use more of them than you can actually supply power to. This means if your weapon power is at 125 and you're using EPTW1 (+20), then don't use more than 4 beams simultaneously and expect your weapon power level to stay over 100. Turrets rear with beam arrays on front works okay. Or consider 2 beam arrays front and rear, 2 turrets in the rear, dual beam and torpedo launcher in the front. Don't be afraid to mix it up. Just don't use too many beams. And forget about Fire At Will unless you have some way to turn off the power drain, e.g. you're exploiting Aux2Batt with DEM and no-drain doff.

That said, after weapon power, the largest factor of doing good damage is maintaining firing arcs and dictating range to target. Otherwise known as tactical mobility. Shooting from short range equals more hits and more damage. And obviously only weapons that are firing are doing damage. This is pretty much why whale cruisers are a waste of time if you're looking to do some real damage. Ships like D'kora, Galor, and Vor'cha can get in close to the target and rip them up. The Excelsior is a little slower but workable. Once you go below a base turn rate of 8 (which is every end-game Fed cruiser except the Excelsior), you just don't have the practical agility anymore. My opinion of course, but that's the way it feels to me and I've flown a great number of cruisers.

So yeah. Cruisers pilots wanting to do damage. Don't use too many beams and don't fly whales. Battle cruisers have far more destructive potential and can be made very survivable.

This is a BUILD thread. So you post up BUILDS. NOT balance commentary...
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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