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Originally Posted by inosaska View Post
mustafatennick - That's wonderful if you actually know the stealthed vessel is actually there before he appears oh what a shocker! If I knew he was there I would use my de-stealth ability but sadly one that just sits back and exploits the tiny fighting area to his advantage will never be killed in any way shape or form. If you think you can react in less then 0.5 secs of a stealthed vessel appearing on your rear and able to save yourself its obvious that you yourself fly stealth ships and must understand how freaking easy it is to exploit stealth in this game and believe me I know because I play both sides and know exactly what a stealth ship is capable of doing and if one can't see you before you hit they are dead regardless of what they do because its impossible to save yourself when your shields are gone in 1 sec and then 2 secs you have fully suited abilities being used on you. You sir are the joke and probably exploit these exact same tactics. Use some of that brain to think for a sec that the little tiny battle arena you all fight in is the only place your vessel can travel. Let me tell you its not the only place and in fact very easy to get around by just going on the outside perimeter of the map and flying there. It's what most people do when trying to flank properly in this game without being noticed.

hurleybird - You got anything constructive to say or do you just enjoy trolling because that's exactly what you're doing right now.
First of all I have 6 characters kdf side and 2 fed I pvp on both

If you sit there in one place like a moron a bop will shut you down easily if you keep movin It makes their job harder a lot harder I play both sides too and I know

Second of all it takes around 3 seconds for any alpha to happen trust I know ie seen the best at it and those torps coming at you take three seconds to hit trust me I've counted them many many times

If you can't initiate your defences in that time then the only thing that needs removing from pvp is you

Thirdly the only troll here is you!

Fourth matter of business is if cloak play is so easy why then every match isnt it 5 bops onto 5 whatever no it isn't because it isn't easy just like stopping an alpha isn't that easy

However if you practice and work at it you'll get it you have a massive advantage there called speakers turn them on you'll hear them de cloaking have your rsp on a mouse button or something

Now last of all use your tiny puny little pain in the ar*e of a brain stop coming on here say ban this ban that and learn how to play properly

Do you think those that keep blowing you up got that good instantly no they didn't ask them they'll tell you it takes years

That's the last bit of advice I'm giving you I'm normally happy to help anyone who needs help but not when they come on and spout stuff like this

Now get back in your hole you troll
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