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03-15-2013, 03:31 AM
You guys were probably wondering when I would post up a build, since OP (me) is such a huge cruiser fan. Anyways, enjoy.

Odyssey Tactical Cruiser

Fore: Phaser Beam Array mk XII [acc] [crtd] [crth]x3, Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Aft: Phaser Beam Array mk XII [acc] [crtd] [crth]x3, Kinetic Cutting Beam

Shields: MACO mk XII
Deflector: MACO mk XII
Engine: MACO mk XII OR Borg mk XII (if you want the extra 5 engine power, since other than that the engines are very similar in performance)

Devices: Deuterium Surplus, Subspace Field Modulator, Large Shield Battery, Large Weapons Battery

Tactical: Phaser Relay mk XII (blue)x3
Engineering: Neutronium Alloy mk XII (blue)x4
Science: Chevron Separation, Assimilated Module, Zero Point Energy Conduit

BOff Layout:
LtCmdr Universal: TS1, BFAW2, APO1
Lt Tactical: TT1, APB1
Cmdr Engineering: ET1, EPtW2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3
Lt Science: HE1, TSS2
Ens Universal: HE1

Conn Officer (TT cd red) x2
DCE x2
WCE x1

Note: All purple

General Strategy:

This is basically an offensive combat cruiser build. I use the Odyssey, since other than the Fleet Tor'kaht, there is no other cruiser/battlecruiser that comes close to such an ideal damage dealing/survival BOff layout.

For equipment:
I use the MACO shield and deflector since they are ideal for tanking and surviving, and the 2 piece bonus is nice for cruisers period. The engine can either go MACO or Borg, since again, they are almost identical in performance, even though you get a SLIGHT boost in nimbleness using the Borg engine (+5 engine power does that). The Tactical consoles are a given. The Engineering consoles are just pure armor, since any other console on an Odyssey really isn't that useful. The Science consoles are what put it apart from a heal cruiser, since it's purely offensive consoles. The Zero point combined with the Borg module, and rep passives put my BASE crit hit up to 8.4%. Add in the [crth] mod on all my weapons, I enjoy a 10.4% crit chance, with 179.4% crit severity. And this is before skills are applied. And the Chevron sep is to give me even more firepower with boosted mobility. Self explanatory I think.

For weapons:
This build is designed to basically maximize damage. I use BAs since they are ideal for cruisers (despite their low damage), allowing constant fire on a target despite the slower turn rate. The cutting beam is basically for PvE, in PvP I replace it with another BA. The wide-angle is simply for utility. I would use a regular quantum, but the wide-angle allows me to keep up a constant broadside whilst still being able to blast the target with torpedoes. And as for phasers? It's true that AP and Disruptors are more ideal for PvE, but I just like how phasers look on the Odyssey. That's a slight sub-optimization, but it's for vanity's sake, nothing more.

For BOffs:
This is where the build's power really comes in. Starting with the easy ones, the science BOffs. The HE1 is for anyone who catches on fire/needs a strong heal. I pump power to aux (quick since I have the 2 piece MACO bonus and 9 points in EPS), and send them a 15k heal over 15 secs. I run 2 copies for maximum uptime. The TSS is same deal. Used to heal a target (or me). Allows me to continue to support my team or keep myself alive better.

Then we get to the lone Engineering Cmdr. In all honesty, you only need that one BOff. And that is the reason I use my Odyssey so much. The ET1 is for a nice big-heal if you aren't under fire. The EPtW2 is one of the core abilities of the build. It allows me major over-clockage of my weapons power, allowing my BAs to hit hard consistently. It also gives me a tiny burst damage with 5 seconds of an additional 20% damage. The EPtS3 is what really makes this build a pain in the rear for NPCs to deal with. It gives me a nice shield heal (over 4k to each facing), HUGE bonus to shield power (over 40), and hardens my shields quite a bit (an additional 30+% resist). Sufficed to say, I hit this, and even PvP escorts have to come around for a few more passes. Then we get to the Aux2SIF3. It's basically my main heal ability. Even during full weapons power, I can still heal over 4k with it, and it has a 15 second CD. It also adds to the targets hull resists, so if their shields are down, they have a slightly better chance of surviving.

Lastly, we have the two Tactical BOffs. The Lt Tac is easy. A TT1 (bread and butter defense ability for ALL ships), and an APB1 (amplifies my damage and team damage). Simple, easy. The LtCmdr Uni always goes to tac in my PvE builds. The TS1 is for the wide-angle. It either allows me to hit multiple targets, or a single target a little harder (roughly 30% additional damage). Then we have BFAW2. That's my "hey, look at me!" ability. Almost never fails to draw all sorts of aggro from NPCs, and generates lots of amusement in PvP. Combine that with TS1, you have a ton of AoE damage, and will be able to keep enemies off of your allies with relative ease. The final ability is APO1. That ability is just pure gold for an attack cruiser. Damage increase, crth increase, move speed and turn rate increase, and a wonderful immunity to holds. Combine that with BFAW2 and TS1, and you can usually get EVERYTHING's attention. And then hold it. And since you're an Odyssey, you can take the resulting pounding.

For DOffs:
This is the final portion and one of the most crucial in the build. Starting off, you have the two purple Conn Officers. They reduce your TT1 cooldown by 8 seconds each, and since you have two, you can cycle a single copy of TT1. This allows you to have access to TS1 (which is a very good ability, despite it being just a level 1 ability). They also enhance your attack pattern skill by 10 each. So quite useful. Then you get to the Damage Control Engineers. Purple ones give you a 35% chance of reducing the CD of EPtX abilities by 33%. So you can basically cycle just two EPtX abilities. It allows me to have 100% uptime on my EPtS3 and EPtW2. And it gets better. If you hit one of them and the two DOffs don't proc, when you hit the second one, they will attempt to proc on both the first AND second EPtX ability. VERY nice. The final piece of this build is the purple Warp Core Engineer. This little gem gives you a 20% chance of gaining an additional 25 power to ALL subsystems for 10 seconds when you hit an EPtX ability. When this baby procs, I usually end up with all my power levels above 80, sometimes over 90.

How to Use:
Ballz deep. Give no craps. I typically fly in beams blazing and torps firing. I draw all the attention so my team can deal with the enemies one at a time. It works like a charm on Infected, since I draw aggro from all 3 starting enemies with ease, and then we take them out nice and fast. And when the sphere swarm starts up after you blow the transformer, I just aggro all the spheres, who all target me, and then my team takes them out nice and easy with only me having to worry about dying. And then when you need added damage/mobility, you hit the chevron sep. You will have to be a mite more careful since you lose a chunk of hull, shield, and power, but you gain additional weapons power and a HUGE mobility boost. You also gain a pet with two BAs and some heals, and a tractor beam. Just be warned, if you die with this active, you have a 5 minute CD you have to wait on. Overall, this build is fun more than anything else. It's designed to wreck faces and give no craps about dying, since if you cycle your abilities correctly, you'll hardly ever lose a shield facing, and almost never die. AND you can still heal your team-mates quite well.
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