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# 1 Which ship for noob PVPer?
03-15-2013, 03:39 AM
I have played the game for a year or so and have a Tac on each faction. I dabbled in PUG PVP last summer. I was pretty hopeless, TBH. I took a break from the game but now I am back but have only done doffing, reputation and ESTFs.

I'd like to get back into some PVP. My problem is that I am simply not quick enough when it comes to reading the battlefield, trying to read all those little buff symbols on a target, chaining powers etc.

To give an example, my nicely built Breen ESTF ship has 2 lots of TT, CRF, APB, EPtS along with distribute shields and tactical initiative all bound to my fire button! I only have to select APA and a few others. I also have a panic button that chains some running away powers. This is the only way I can realistically use all the options at my disposal and get the DPS. Otherwise some of them would spend too long unused.

Now, I know that none of this bodes well for PVP (!) but I am wondering what ship I could use that, with a sensible build, could allow me to be some use to my team?

My ships at the moment are:

Fed: Armitage & Chel Grett (main ships), 2nd Ann. Oddy, Ambassador refit & T4 escorts.

KDF: JHAS (all I really use), Chel Grett, Vorcha R, Hegh'ta, Vo'quv, Kamarang R, Mirror Qin.

I have been considering a Fleet 'Defiant' as we approach T3. My thoughts were that perhaps I could set it all up under cloak, do an alpha strike and then have time to sort it all out again. Same deal with a Bop/B'rel torp boat on KDF side.

All comments appreciated ...