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03-15-2013, 04:17 AM
I endorse this. I love these ideas & suggestions you posted here.

Actually, about the Gowron's Negh'var you suggested, lately I was more considering that kind of setup for a more nimble K'vort battlecruiser with 5/3 weapons and the alternative to wing cannons. Given how Starfleet has the edge on escorts and science ships, and the KDF generally more usable cruisers, I could see a sharper edge that the KDF could have in the crusier department, since Starfleet is killing us in the escort & science department.

So, this is just an idea and a rough outline that I've come up, for a more powerfull and nimble K'vort battlecruiser. Here it goes:

Hull: 37.000
Shield Mod.: 1.0
Turn rate: 12
Weapons layout: 5/3
Consoles: 5 Tac 2 Eng 3 Sci
Comm. Tac.
Lt. Tac.
Lt. Eng
Ens. Sci
Lt.Comm. Uni

+10 Weapons Power
+5 Shield Power

She would use the wing cannons as you suggested for the Gowron Negh'var, given how disruptor wing cannons would look very appropriate on the wingy B'rel design of the K'vort.

And then maybe Gowron's Negh'var could get another special ability/weapon or possibly a hangar. I always tended to see that Negh'var as a very powerfull and sturdy alternative for the Bortasqu', which can move better and would fullfil the demands of the KDF players that hate the Bortasqu' for it's turn rate. And save the (possible?) 5/3 layout for something that can fly a bit better. Just a thought.
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