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03-15-2013, 07:16 AM
If you have a JHAS you don't need a defiant technically you shouldn't need any other ship

The defiant hits hard but the Boff seating is just plain stupid

No this is not another JHAS trumps everything it just is the best pvp ship barring something like a wells from what I've seen

As or technique it's all about practice go out get whooped que up get whooped some more que up get whooped again and so on so on

As for reading buffs on targets if you start fighting say an oddy for instance and after 2,3 maybe 4 passes its not dead change targets ignore the oddy if it has that much tanking its guns aren't gunna hurt you

Look for TT and rsp gaps look at those signs remember those and watch out for them their the two main ones really, obviously there are others

Another key I find people doing is most people you go up against will use their buffs when the see you coming if you in an escort its a piece o cake to avoid them it's Called attack pattern omega and evasive manoeuvres just get there heads spinning whilst there apa and tac fleet runs down then your safe after that

Now if you havin a premade battle that's another beast altogether and I can't give you any tips on that because I really wouldn't know what to do myself lol
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