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Roland watchs as jacob gets some much needed rest. What he had feared he finds is true. When jacob the man who made him and relys on him for so much needs him the most roland cant fullfill his part. His hologram statics for a moment as he looks around. he has lived for 15 years he has been Jacobs constant ally, friend and supporter. 15 years of never stopping saving worlds over and over again. But now his program is fractured. He is entering a state of rampancy. He found he was right his rampant part affected the suit and thats why there was no pilot it was him. He decides against waking jacob. There is nothing even he can do now. Like all things everything has a time. He stands there for a moment looking at jacob. His normal yellow color hologram now has streakes of red. He knows he cant wait it has to be done now. If he could cry he would. For he knows what they are up against and now his friend for the first time in 15 years will be alone. He nows jacob has other ai but he also knows he doesnt see them the same. As his hologram begins to disapear he takes one last look around.

Roland: goodby jacob

And in a matter of seconds roland is gone.

Jacob wakes up a few hours later

Jacob: Roland any update on the sttus of the fleet and the planned attack.

No answer comes.

Jacob: Roland! whats going on

Jacob jumps out of the bed and looks at the terminal. It has a picture of a old earth F-22 fighter with the letter MIA on the screen. Jacob looks at the screen in horror and shock trying to realize what happened and why roland is gone.

OOC: remember this is going to affect him pretty big cause as i said they have been working together for 15 years so jacob was closer to roland then to most humans.
*Blake is in the armoury looking over the Armada Armour. He also has PACES on his mind as he's searching through the Computer Banks. He's been lent an AI program from the Roosevelt to aid him. He slips the iso-chip into the terminal.*

Blake: Vanus, you up?

Vanus: I am functioning, Commander. Searching now.

Strange. An AI program appears missing. It's under designation R-01.

Blake: Roland?

Vanus: There are traces of data fragmentation.

Blake: Can you find PACES?

Vanus: He is now reactivated.

PACES *Speaking over the terminal*: Hello, sir.

Blake: What happened, PACES?

PACES: Another AI overrode my security protocols and hijacked the suit.

Blake: PACES, all the AI were accounted for when the armour was stolen.

PACES: Correct, but the program seemed to have a data-coding similar to my own. It almost matches Roland but...

The program was missing key parts of Roland's programming, and Roland appears to have deteriorated.

Blake: What?

Matthews to Jacob, can you come down to the Armoury?

PACES, go over all the armours. See if Roland saved his program into any of the other armours.

PACES: Sir, I suspect another power at play. R-type AIs such as Roland and myself should have a 50-year lifespan before even the first sign of rampancy. And, his program almost appeared to be split into two.

Blake: What?

*He removes Vanus and puts the chip back in its case.*

Show me.

*PACES puts up an image of three data-streams.*

PACES: The first is a record of Roland's normal program. The second is a data-stream from Roland when he uploaded into the Warp Proto-Armour. The third is from my records when the rogue AI hijacked my systems.

I will overlap the two recent streams.

*He overlaps the second and third streams, producing a stream similar to the first.*

I will now overlay this on top of the original stream.

*He now overlaps it on top of the first stream.*

Blake: They're identical!

PACES: Roland's program was split into two fragments. The first was made up of Roland's personality sub-routines. The back-up compensated for the loss from the basic codeon his recovery drive, but his capabilities were severely limited. The second was made up of Roland's basic programming and core sub-routines, including his survival sub-routine and self-improvement sub-routine. This duplicate hijacked the Armada Armour and disabled my program.

Blake: PACES, can you get Roland back?

PACES: Even if we got the rogue element of his program, I'm afraid that his personality and memory sub-routines have already de-fragmented beyond hope of restoration. I'm sorry, sir, he is gone.

Blake: You did all you could.

PACES: Sir, we are approaching the Angel Halo.

Blake: Send a copy of yourself to Jacob's Armour and fill him in, in the air!

Activate Armada! Matthews 1-1-0-Omega-Obsidian-Delta, Active!

*The Armour powers up and Blake steps into the boots as the mech arms fit the rest of it. After the Armour has fully engaged, he steps outside and moves onto the ship's hull as it approaches the outer perimeter defences.*



Blake: I have a bad feeling about this.

PACES: Indubitably, sir.

*There's a massive Republic Fleet between the Allies and the station, hiding behind a colossal defence platform network.*

Sir, there is an inter-fleet comm.

Blake: Let's hear it.

Matt *Over comm*: This is Fallback, Aldebaran is secure!

Ramez *Over comm*: Copy that Fallback. Stormbreaker is ready to commence assault!

*OOC: Fallback and Stormbreaker are codenames. Fallback, obviously, for Matt's force at the Aldebaran Station, and Stormbreaker for the main assault force.*

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