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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Consider for a moment the current ratio of Max HP vs Time to Full Heal.

Even on lightly tanked boats that typically is less than a minute and in addition because the majority of heals increase resist they are like a double dip. On a properly tanked boat that is typically less than 30 seconds.

Simply put, and as any PvPer will tell you, you get about 5 seconds to kill a decently built ship in this game. Take longer than that and it becomes nearly pointless to even try.

So no, with current systems/mechanics it is impossible to get killed in PvE by sustained damage output only via burst.
Your assumptions are bad, your typical pug group never heals, your premades will heal but are typically self reliant ships because you do have to split up.
When CSE Neg'vars remove a shield facing in one hit, sustained damage like that will kill, player damage won't but that stuff will. This isn't PvP, it uses dev magic mechanics.

Its very possible to make sustained damage kill, but right now its too low in 95% of situation to get close.
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