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namely the escorts. the feds have great escorts with all sorts of station setups, the 2 big ones the feds have and the kdf don't are the MVAM setup and the armatige setup. the kdf also dont have any escorts with 5 tac consoles, wile the feds have 2.

well, its a good thing the tier 3 and tier 4 rapter models remain unused for anything at end game, might as well make fleet ships out of them to fill in the escort gaps

fleet Pach retrofit

ship yard tier 5

36,300 hull
.92 shield mod
15 turn rate
4/3 weapons
3 eng
2 sci
5 tac
COM tac
LTC eng
LT tac
LT sci
ENS tac

fed counterpart= armatige, no hanger but again, it can cloak

thers some very nice c store costume for each these ships too, make a fleet version and people would actually have a reason to buy it. for both these ships, and the low tier versions, i think a 1 turn rate buff, like the advanced and patrol got, and later the saber got as well, all the way to 17, would be appropriate. with the somraw and Qorgh having 17 turn, and the Pach having 16.

I can't hardly wait for ANY fleet Pach ship, but I'd ask for LtC Univ spot since this ship has that aweful Tac ensign. I want some sci action without flying an unarmed ship PLZ, maybe a recon version where the LtC is a SCI slot ?
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