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03-15-2013, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Several escorts can indeed use 2xA2B. The Armitage, Mobius, and Blockade runner come to mind. There must be more I can't think off the top of my head.

While the boff powers are not "doubled" it does make for some interesting builds. My own Mobius for example uses only one copy of CRF1 and BO1 while having constant uptime of APD/APO. Is it better than keeping with a more traditional all DHC DCE + AP doff setup? I'm not sure TBH. I was wanting to find a way to use the flashy new Chroniton DBB more than anything else lol. But it does have its healing boff powers available more often, even if they heal a little less.
You're right that some escorts can indeed use double A2B, however, the post to which I was replying stated "double attack and healing" on an escort which is the kind of crazy stuff you hear in zone chat when people are giving build advice. All 3 of those ships cut deeply into their defense to double up, and two of them break my personal rule of not using a LtC slot for A2B. The escort that was born for this is the Jem HEC.

A2B changes your timing and piloting drastically and it's not something everybody is going to enjoy. I'm glad people like the stuff in this thread and I should say that my own A2B builds are still evolving. Personally I've settled on only 2 purple tech doffs on builds with two copies of A2B. Shorter powers will be left with a few extra seconds compared to running 3 purples, but longer cd's will still hit horizontal. There's just too little gain from the 3rd tech doff compared to what else is out there right now, IMO.