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Scramble Sensors is very good in PVP if you have the doff that makes timers increase by 10s when theyre hit by it.

Scramble Sensors is REALLY good in PVE only.. and ONLY... when you are alone trying to take down a group of mobs. When mobs take damage from player or from team the jam sensor breaks this is why you need to be alone.

There is also one REALLY good trick you use with scramble sensors. In Cure Elite, when you pop one of the top nanites the borg neghvar and borg raptor spawn. We all know these little pests hit like trucks and the neghvar fires that isometric charge.

...but with scramble sensors..if you're alone.. you can make them fight each other and significantly damage themselves.

You pop all the bottom nanites and then you pop one of the top nanites while being 7km behind the neghvars butt when it spawns (you need to know where it spawns).

When it spawns, scramble sensor it.

The neghvar will target the cube above it...and fire the isometric. Isometric jumps from cube to one nanite and from the nanite to the raptor. The neghvar then continues on to shoot the raptor and severely hurt it.

When the scramble effect wears off (if you dont shoot them, you just watch), the neghvar becomes immune to scramble for about 10s.. but the raptor isnt. And by the time it wears off your scramble is back up and running.. so you scramble the raptor. Watch.

All the time theyre shooting each other you can have your ship taking out the other top nanites.

I usually end up being able to kill the raptor in a few hits (its so hurt by then) and the neghvar has lost all its shields thanks to the raptor. Easy kill.

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Why no to Tachyon Beam, out of curiousity?
Tachyon beam is useless. The shield drain takes 10 seconds to fully apply and is weaker than what a pair of torpedoes or a simple beam autofire attack will do.

If the ability prevented shield balancing it'd be perfect..but it doesnt.

Charged Particle Burst has that "within 5 km" sphere to worry about, and won't pair well with Gravity Well and Gravity Repulsors, which is what I currently have going (besides HE and Polarize Hull). When I can afford to have more BOFF spots, I may go for more build variations to go along with this drain build. But please let me know what I'm missing about Tachyon Beam or a better option for dropping shields fast as a sci capt.
particle burst is the best of the sci abilities to kill shields. The closer you are the more shield damage you give. Its instant. Does more damage than tachyon. However due to the nature of the ability you just waste a sci slot on it since again, a mere salvo of beam weapons at that close range does more damage.

The only use ive found for the shield drain abilities is to tachyon beam a target as I close in, drop tricobalt mines (dispersal pattern beta) at point blank and do particle burst as i fly by & tractor target on my way out so mines get higher crit chance. The target is usually shield stripped with that and the mines thump the hull.

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It certainly helps when your are deadlocked or when your cloak is broken due to infamous boff message. A copy of mask energy signature acts like a backup service weapon while your innate cloak is least for KDF
Umm.. mask energy signature does not work while you're in combat. However, you can use mask energy sig first... do your attack run and engage the bird of prey's battle cloak on your exit. You become a ghetto b'rel that way. Lose the ambush damage bonus but... you can do the trick.

[quote=lowestlvl;8593331]pve as i've seen it may not apply to you

the good - the bad (snip).

Siphon is an excellent ability for cruisers. A single siphon can easily pump your power levels to good amounts. In fact, sci ships should be using siphon all the time if they want performance out of their beam weapons.

Tyken doesnt 'spawn crap'. Its a grav well with no worthy damage and no worthy tractor (its not supposed to) and relatively decent AOE drain. The problem is any ship gets out of its range in a second or two.

Tyken works well if you tractor or disable engine on a ship.