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03-15-2013, 09:24 AM
Lot's of great advice posted already - many thanks.

@travelingmaster: I knew somebody would suggest a healer role as it makes sense. However, found I preferred the game once I switched to Escorts. That said, I forgot to mention I have a D'Kora on the KDF side. If I do decide on healer at some point I guess this would be a good ship.

Thanks for the 1v1 offer which I will bear in mind. I have read all sorts but will seek out that guide. I am happy with what most stuff in the game does but I bet I'll learn a thing or two.

@snoge00f: Is there a chat channel that people use to arrange PVPs?

@jornado: Thanks for the offer and tips. I can't buy a patrol escort because, and sorry for the offence in advance, I cannot stand the sight of it on the screen. Horrible design. No, this shouldn't matter but I do have to look at it! The Defiant is iconic and I am re-watching all DS9 at the moment - first time since it was originally broadcast.

Good point: Long buff bar = bide your time. Like it!

@mustafatennick: You have said what I hoped somebody would - use the JHAS as a PVP ship on the KDF side. It is somewhat wasted on ESTFs! Thanks for the buffs and general advice.

Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
My defiant drives me crazy at times (personal opinion)

The mvam is fantastic when in speed demon mode along with the armitage running danubes
I'd really like to know what about it drives you crazy! If I don't get one then I probably will use the Armitage with Danubes as I already own it and really love the looks (Armitage skin).