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Same problem here. Power settings not saving properly.
other "old" bugs have also returned apparantly, mouse over HUD info not working - Again

Autofire "maintain" not working properly either.

Keybinding "set target focus" or "pinning" as they call it now, not working.

Borg heavy plasma torps in STF's are STILL INVISIBLE dang it! And it's not only the gateways missiles, it's the ones from cubes as well.

Space STF's suffering from glitches causing a lot of strange graphical "blinking" of entire objects and creating plenty lag as well. lag that does not go away until game client is restarted.
Memory leak? - I don't know, but irritating for sure. People getting disconnected a lot.

Tau Dewa Tholian Alert - again putting us in empty areas, instantly warping us out again and wasting everyones time.

"server not responding" has been worse then ever past weeks. I live in Europe and trying the EU proxy makes it even worse.

I dare not even think of what a third playable faction is going to bring as far as new surprising bugs go.