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03-15-2013, 10:35 AM
i think the 3 year aniversery kdf ship not being the kvort proves they are never going to make that ship. it would basicly be a brel thats the size of a hegh, so actually it is sorta pointless.

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This presupposes that the 5-tac console Kumari is a ship and not a coffin that's cosplaying a ship.

Drunk, what do you think of giving the Tactical Negh'var an LT Sci BOff and making the LT Eng BOff uni?
oh ya the tac andorian ship. honestly, i don't really consider it real lol, if i were going off on all the things fed have that kdf don't, i wouldn't mention that thing

the neg's station setup is exactly what the fleet assault's station setup is. bit of a faulse choice, you have enough eng and tac already. would you want 2 LT sci? might have a hard time making it a healer though with so much built in tactical already. its just a big escort basicly

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I can't hardly wait for ANY fleet Pach ship, but I'd ask for LtC Univ spot since this ship has that aweful Tac ensign. I want some sci action without flying an unarmed ship PLZ, maybe a recon version where the LtC is a SCI slot ?
3 tac ENS isn't nearly as bad as 3 eng ENS. you just have to include a torp or beam on the ship.

the c store costume for the tier 4 raptor is the best looking raptor by far, i'd like to use it too
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