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03-15-2013, 11:44 AM
At least two people here talking about using different energy types to get around PVE resistances, so this bears being said: Parses do not support the claim that any NPC in the game has specific weaknesses or resistances to single energy types, and dev posts confirmed that for general situations with the caveat that Tholians didn't exist at the time. Certain enemies, primarily Borg, have across the board elevated resistances, and effect resistance are less consistent (shield drain, subsystem offline, and power drain being relevant to tetryon, phaser, and polaron weapons, again mainly just Borg resisting power/subsystem effects), but there is literally no reason to be changing out weapons based on the enemy being faced, and likewise no benefit for splitting energy types for the same purpose.

Specific resistances become relevant in PVP, but the energy type decision in PVE is dictated by procs and not resistances. And the individual proc rate on a weapon is vanishingly small, even all 8 firing at once there's a nontrivial chance of getting 0 procs in a fight, splitting the proc rate down into single weapons and aside from antiproton (crit rates can be much higher than proc rates) the chance of getting any individual proc in a fight is a rounding error.

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