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03-15-2013, 10:45 AM
i really hope you didnt change your email in the time that you were away. i did, and it has been a constant headache for me ever since. and may whatever deity you worship help you if you put your new email address on that temp account you mentioned, as this is what i did, and it has totally messed up the support ive gotted from PWE and caused major problems with their account guard system. ive had better fights with insurance companies that the support team here before.

for whatever it was worth though, i was able to get back into my main account fairly easily once i provided the information the support team asked for, and they were very good about that part of the problem. but now that im returning after a 2nd break myself, i once again find myself fighting with the client to let me into the game.

good luck, and hope to see you in game sooner rather than later.