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03-15-2013, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
"You bought the LTS for the sake of unlimited access to STO for the life of the game, which includes a 500 zen/month stipend."
That's only true if you bought it after they started offering the Zen. For many people Zen or even C-Points didn't exist then. That stipend didn't exist at that time so it couldn't of been included.

I'm not saying I'm 100% right on this, but it's a perspective I share with the OP - that nothing is free.
If the stipend was part of the deal when you got the LTS you might have a point, but if it wasn't, then no your logic completely falls apart. I can't pay for something that didn't exist.

Even then, the LTS isn't paying for that stipend, the cost is to buy unlimited access to the game for the life of the game. They don't have a stipend and No Stipend version. You're paying the same amount for access regardless of the stipend.

So in this case at least for some people that 500 zen is free, they didn't pay anything for it, so it is by any reasonable definition of the word free. Even if it was part of the package I still say it's free, because you didn't have to pay anything extra for it.

It's like saying a buy one, get one free, isn't really free. If I pay X for Y but get 2 times Y, I got something for free. I'd have to pay X for Y no matter what, so I am in fact getting something for free, because I did not have to pay for that 2nd Y.