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03-15-2013, 10:50 AM
OK...look, Fed comrade...I know, the evul Klinguns are very skilled players who fight with powerful KDF spamming and sucking Carriers and with the awesome and elusive Bops, but believe me...if you want to exclude them from the PvP you're telling everyone that you're just a butthurted noob.
Please, don't whine anymore and instead check your build and gear and keybinds or can do better than you think against the bad guys!
Imagine you alone at Ker''re looking for an enemy Vo'quv or Kar'fi...Adm. Quinn has ordered to vaporize these terrific KDF are aware that around these capital vessels Bops and Raptors are cloaking around ready to destroy every Fed so crazy to dare an attack...but you anyway do want to prove that you're not afraid to die fighting against all odds...and when you vaporize that big and ugly and evul vessel and you can also escape the feel great, you feel power, you feel how satisfying can be succesfully combat against the evul Empire!
K D F - Killing Disadvantaged Feds
K D F - The evul way to play Sto

Adm. Marcus orders: Punish the evul Klinguns! Punish the evul HOBOs! And nuclearize Qo'nos once and for all!