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I don't know that this would really make more money this way. Re-trait -Yes... species or profession change -No. Why? Lets say you have all your character slots filled (1 for F2P and 3 for sub) then it forces you to either delete you character or buy more slots. If you delete you character or have to buy more slots all of your character bound gear and ships will not be useful on the new character. So people would not only buy slots possibly but then also buy new weapons from fleet stores, gear from embassies, lock boxes, ship modules, etc. We already know that the biggest revenue generator for STO is ship sales either through lock box keys or via c-store as Gecko stated in a recent interview.

So as I see it there is far more money to be made by a person creating a new character than by changing an existing one. Re-traiting doesn't change what the character is already capable of doing or affect any of the above mentioned profit motives. The other two choices can significantly reduce the profit opportunities by making the change. Not everyone would necessarily repurchase all the items or even buy more keys but even if one person did, it would increase the profit considerably. ($10 zen purchase to re-species vs. $200 in lock box keys on avg to get a ship... just one hypothetical example)
You could make the same argument about skill respecs, yet they're being sold.

Cryptic will make money through a species respec from at least two kinds of players:

  1. those who, like the initial questioner, want to play another species that has become newly available or have simply changed their mind
  2. those who want to play another species as part of a perfectionist urge to make the most out of their character's setup, new or old

Either kind of player may very well be driven away from the game entirely if they realize that what they want is impossible without creating a brand new character, starting from the ground up and "wasting" all the time and resources (including potentially cash/Zen) spent on their existing character. Faced with the option of starting over or quitting, many may choose the latter. And a lost player is a lost potential customer - drive them away now and you'll never know what they might have bought later on down the line.