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while 50k damage is enough to melt some ships in one hit, you have to think about how they come up with that damage. Donatra's torpedoes are meant to do that kind of damage, but there are also very easy counters to the torpedo spread (both plasma and photon). On my cruiser, I have successfully tanked 6 barrages in a row using the right skills at the right time.

I'm sure most of us noticed that those torpedoes will follow us to the ends of the galaxy once fired, so if you see a massive barrage following you, evasive maneuvers will only delay the inevitable damage. So if you can't dodge it, tank it.

Here's a list of all the ways you can survive it (most people have mentioned them already, but i'm just listing them for the sake of convenience):

Most Viable Options:
Tactical Team (Distributes your shields towards damage every time you get hit)
Brace for Impact (straight kinetic damage resist. Boffs: chance for shield heals/damage resistance)
Hazard Emitters (Damage resistance/heal/immunity to plasma burns)
Transfer Shield Strength (Overtime shield heal/good shield damage resistance)
Emergency Power to Shields (Shield heal/high shield damage resistance)
Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field (High Hull heal and hull damage resistance)
Extend Shields (only castable by an ally - massive shield damage resistance and small shield heal)

Semi-viable Options:
Reverse Shield Polarity: Conditional - works if donatra is targeting you, but he'll be negating the torp damage with his cannons
Science/Engineering team: If for some reason you don't have Tact Team up, a well timed ST or ET may save you from certain death.
Photonic Shockwave (Prevention - useful for interrupting donatra's cone of death and de-buffing a torp spread charge)
Polarize Hull: I don't think it'll prevent kinetic damage, but at least it'll save you from some of the cannon damage
Viral Matrix: May or may not shut down donatra's weapons in time, but a useful tool to have regardless
NOTE: DO NOT use VM on donatra if you see the cone of death charging. VM causes it to fire much earlier depending on when it shuts down the weapon susbsystems.

Captain Abilities:
Rotate Shield Frequency (Large shield damage resistance and shield regeneration)
Miracle Worker (Instant massive shield and hull heal)
Engineering Fleet (Damage resistance and Engi training)
Science Fleet (Shield Emitters buff)
Subnucleonic beam (Prevention - use when you see donatra charge up torp spread)

Derp Moves:

Battle Cloak (Loses all shield facings and takes full direct damage from torpedo barrage)
Mask Energy Signature (lose subsystem powers when it's time to tank? lolwut?)

As a final note, I should mention that all ships should have at least some of these boff skills to tank, even if it's only the Ensign/Lieutenant copy. I don't expect a tactical escort for example to carry all these boff skills.

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