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03-15-2013, 11:21 AM
"1. When you use dilithium to purchase Zen and buy something from the C-Store, you are "sticking it to the man" because you got something "free"."
" You did not pay any real money for the item, but somebody did. They bought Zen, with real money. They then sold that Zen to you in exchange for your dilithium."
"The gist of all this is that PWE doesn't get richer or poorer regardless of what the dilithium exchange does."


but i still have not spend MY money to get MY C-Store items, and that is the bottom line for ME, and i am happy with that.

I want Cryptic to earn money to keep MY game running and to keep working on it.

If some Pay 2 Win oriented player wants to buy my dilithium, then i am happy to supply him with it.

I make so much Dil to Zen in a month, i don't even notice the 500 Zen from my LTA when they drop in (if you can make 800+ Zen in a day then 500 per month is ... almost insulting.).

On that note, i don't need Zen anymore, done with the C-Store, unless Cryptic releases a new item, yet i am still buying Zen just to build up the buffer, and to be able to exchange back to Dil as needed ...for SB projects or whatever items come along (it is just more convenient to have account wide Zen instead of per character Dilithium at hand).