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Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
Of course its in "the future"; everything is. But they don't have video card companies "on the run".

Trillions of particles require at least trillions of bytes (probably 3x more than that if you want a high range in each spatial dimension). And then you'd need multi-petaflops of processing power (probably even exaflops) to do any operations on that many particles at once.

That sorta of hardware is at least 15 years away from being common in home computers.
They especially don't have video card companies on the run because those companies already make devices capable of this stuff. The market's exceptionally limited, but there's certain professions who will buy $120,000 pieces of hardware for highly specific computations. Similar systems are used in physics, medical, and engineering simulations, and ever since Silicon Graphics was bought and cannibalized to make database servers it's the video card manufacturers that took over the market.

And seriously, lincolninspace, take off the tinfoil. Cryptic's sponsors are not video card companies. Video card companies don't sponsor games. Once upon a time it was the other way around, with game companies sponsoring video cards, but these days a good video card sells itself and doesn't need to be bundled with a good game.

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