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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Not completely false. As an LTS member, yourself, you should understand that you get 500 "free" Zen each month. You can also get "free" Zen by doing various surveys on the website. I have sold my "free" Zen for Dilithium on occasion - and I'm sure I am not alone there. So while it is true the vast majority of Zen is paid for by someone there is also a percentage being sold in the Dilithium Exchange that was never purchased by anyone.
Even that's not completely free as you paid real money for that LTS when you first bought it; so Cryptic (and I say Cryptic because if you paid for it at the original launch of STO - yep PWE probably didn't see much actual return) did get funds out of you at some point; so in effect you paid something. As for the surveys - I'm sure the legit ones that award you Zen pay something to PWE - so again, someone is forking over some cash or service PWE needs in exchange for them being able to award Zen.

Ovaerall, in the grand scheme of things, while there is some 'lower cost' Zen injected into the market, it's not 100% 'free' for anyone.
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