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03-15-2013, 12:45 PM
My apologies for interrupting, but I my aid mentioned this meeting an I couldn't help but witness it. Vice Admiral Robert Starbuck, U.S.S. Pendragon.

If I may follow up what Admiral Maxwell was saying, I think the abilities of the Ambassador Class design shouldn't be underestimated. She offeres a versitility that is rarely seen in Starfleet's more recent militaristic approach to starship design. While I will not claim that she will match the raw firepower of the more tactically oriented ship such as the Regent class, or the shear durability of the Galaxy and Odyssey class, she has the ability to perform both offensive, defensive and utilitarian operations with equal ease.

I know that a few of my fellow Admirals (not calling out anyone in particular) favor superior firepower as a means to defeating the Borg. But firepower will only get us so far. The key to victory is knowing your enemy and exploiting their weakness. To do that effectively, we must fall back on those scientific abilities that have been shunned in this day and age.

A ship that can react to the changing situation if far more valuable than a ship that only knows how to operate one way.


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