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03-15-2013, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by cptvanor View Post
And again...

If someone bought one when there was no stipend being offered, how can you claim that they paid for it? They paid X for Y, where in this case Y is lifetime membership. It's not like they charged people after the fact for that Stipend. They also don't offer a stipend free version for less money.

So no matter how you try to slice it, you are getting Y and Z for the same price as you did for just Y.

when i bought my LTA before F2P then i paid my money for a $15 a month subscription game
now i get $5 Zen per month,
that is $10 less than what i initially i paid for... fair deal? hardly. just enough to shut up the majority of the consumer zombies about the change.

and don't get me started on those "gold sub" slots...
you keep all of that stuff permanently if you sub one month and unsub again so all of that is worth 1x $15 no matter how you want to spin it.

LTA at this point is really only good for the *Veteran* rewards...

/don't want to derail topic but... bleh