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03-15-2013, 12:20 PM
@mustafatennick: Thanks for the honesty. I see where you are coming from. I would also rather it had an Ensign Engineering slot there. The Armitage has a similar layout but at least it has 3 eng slots so you can run 2 X EPtS and an Aux to SIF. Also, it loses the Lt. Comm 2nd tac slot

@patrickngo: I hear you on the practice! Thanks for the re-assurance I already own what I need.

Incidentally, I don't do lock boxes either - OK, about 10 in a year as I couldn't resist the odd key from the exchange - all full of rubbish. I bought the D'Kora for EC when I was doing a lot of doffing (ill and off work at the time) as I fancied it. TBH, I still like it and equip it now and again. It was a similar deal with the JHAS: It was announced and I decided I wanted it very badly. I sold everything in the bank and email that I could, turned all my DL into EC via the R&D materials etc. etc., pooled both characters cash and got 170M EC. One popped on the exchange during the last event similar to this one, for 165M EC, and that was that - poor but happy! The Armitage came from DL into C-points and a whopping ?4 of real world cash!

The summary I have taken from all the helpful information is that I should use the Armitage with Danubes on Fed side and JHAS on KDF.

I am now going to strip the bug of it's plasma/rep ESTF kit and work out a build - plenty of info in threads I have bookmarked. Then, I'll work on the Armitage which currently has a Mk XII phaser build using the 'STF' weapons available last year - decent place to start.

I'll prevail on your kindnesses again when I have a build to analyse but I'll try and get as close as I can before I ask.