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Originally Posted by operations2000 View Post
...trying to get back in to the game after not playing since 2010.... Still need to get up to speed on consoles, if they stack like they used to and what caps there might be.
Welcome back to the game! Consoles all pretty much all stack with no cap, with a notable exception being Engineering "armor consoles." These have the typical diminishing returns of all Resistances (the point being that nothing should ever get to 100% resistant). I don't remember the exact formula off the top of my head, but the more you add the more you loose. You'll find there are all sorts of "Universal" or "Special" consoles out there now, too. These have unique stats or abilities, often belonging to a set that grants additional powers the more pieces of the set you have. Mostly these are "Unique" meaning you can only have one one a ship at a time, so they don't stack either.

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