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Oh here come the witch hunting cannon brigade seriously this trolling is getting beyond a joke now what do you people not understand about needing your enemy ship to be in the firing arc when dealing cannon damage. If anything cannons should be given the 250 degree firing arc that beams have. Seriously Im having a tough time understanding peoples irrational thinking on this.
oh, that maybe the higher dps of cannons is supposed to be offset by that narrow firing arc?
something that doesnt matter when in an escort since they have double the base turn rate of cruisers that are smaller than they are.

Im fed up and wish people would realise that its unrealistic to expect every single thing in this game to be balanced. All ships serve different purposes. A Tac in an escorts serves to do high DPS, High damage and to rip open enemy shields and hull before cruisers go in and finish the job. In the time an escort pilot has whilst having 10 - 15 seconds with cannons bearing down on the enemy, he will have done the same damage that you have done flying around with your 250 degree firing arc beams. I mean come on ?
yes, and balance doesnt have to mean uniformity.
indeed, specialisation options are what bring player ability into the mix.

If you were to nerf cannons you wouldn't have the spike damage and fights would be long boring and rawn out.
i fully agree.
but there are linked mechanics in the game that mean cannons arent spike damage, they are sustained high damage.
something to do with my adv escort being capable of doing a 180 in 1 second with a turning radius lower than the ships own length.

How about everyone who complains about cannons grow a pair and use a tractor beam on an escort. As an escort pilot I can tell you if you catch me whils my OMEGA and or Polrize hull is on cd, and I have you and 5 of your buddies on me then im done for.
there in being part of the balance issue.
the damage dealer is the one that needs the 3 man team to kill, where as, the sponge can often be taken out by one escort. occasionally 2 just to make it a sure thing.

That is the simple answer to cannons, teamwork + tractor beams. How hard is it to grab and understand this simple fundamental gameplay mechanic. It would take a lot less time and effort than coming to the forums being butthurt and ruining other peoples gameplay.
that the obvious reliable way to counter cannons... is your own cannons? yea, got that.
hence my choice being an escort.

Now please, enough of the stupid ideas and illogical ramblings, go learn to play or go play neverwinter. I shouldn't have to have my style of play removed from the game hence ruining my enjoyment because of peple on an agenda because they are butthurt or mad from pvp.
Now please, enough of the stupid ideas and illogical ramblings.
ah, you mean ''fair play'' is an agenda? how terrible.
how utterly rediculous that i should expect my adv escort to be on par with the smaller seavy cruiser, rather than dancing around it, able to break off at my leisure.

Ive been in this game since start and if you saw all my characters, builds, traits, playtime I can truly make an informed decision on this issue. If you saw what Ive done in game you would think ok yeah fair enough this guy knows what hes on about.
its easy when you can break out a calculator to find dominant solutions.
not so easy to admit that something is still an exploit even if those in charge declare ''working as designed''.

[quote]Im not judging or trolling but the ongoing witch hunt which the moderators allow to continue makes me sad. ABout time moderators started putting a curb on this trolling./QUOTE]
but you see, you are trolling. and condescending, and making appeals to authority.
in this case, to the mods to shut down things you dont want to hear.
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?